Timber Regulations


Timber Regulations (EUTR/UKTR) prohibits illegally harvested timber and timber products being placed on the EU/GB market. The obligations imposed are different depending on whether acting as an ‘operator’ or ‘trader’.

‘Operators’ place timber or timber-related products on the market for the first time, making them available for distribution or for use in their own business. The operator must exercise and maintain a due diligence system (themselves or via an approved monitoring organisation) to ensure necessary steps and measures have been taken to prevent illegally harvested timber from being placed on the market. The requirement to exercise due diligence checks does not apply if the timber is imported from a country which has an operational Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) in place and is accompanied by a FLEGT license.

During commercial activity ‘Traders’ buy or sell timber or timber-related products that have already been placed on the market by an operator., traders must maintain records of who supplied the timber and where applicable, traders to whom they subsequently supplied the timber regardless of species, product, or country of origin.

Both traders and operators are required to keep records for at least 5 years.



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