Poisons & Explosives Precursors


The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations (EPP) were introduced to create a cohesive regime to control sales of explosives precursors and poisons. Certain chemicals can be mis-used in the illicit manufacture of explosives or to cause harm. Members of the public who want to acquire, possess, and use these chemicals must hold a license issued by the Home Office and an associated photographic identity document. Businesses who sell or supply such chemicals must report suspicious transactions as well as any significant losses or thefts.

An EPP license is required before regulated substances can be legitimately supplied to a member of the public. Regulated poisons must only be supplied to the public by or under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. A member of the public must show their valid EPP license and associated photo ID document before supply of any regulated chemicals.


Transactions, disappearances, and thefts

Any suspicious transactions (business to consumer and business to business) of regulated substances and reportable substances must be reported.

SIG have introduced a reporting mechanism throughout their supply chain for 'suspicious' transactions as required of distributors and retailers by the regulation.

Transactions would be refused for suspicious activity, such as being unfamiliar with the intended use by the customer, unusual quantities or combinations, no proof of identity or payment by large amounts of cash.

Suppliers to SIG are required to declare if any substance or mixture is listed in the regulation as either a poison or explosive pre-cursor to facilitate the implementation of supply chain controls.

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Poison & Explosives precursors

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