Biocidal Products


In Great Britain, Biocides are controlled under the GB Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR).  Biocides are used to protect people and animals, to preserve manufactured goods, to protect industrial processes and to stop pests. This will typically be a mixture of chemicals including an ‘active substance’ (the one that has the controlling effect on the harmful organism).

Sellers and distributors of another company's biocidal products should check with the supplier as to whether their products comply with GB legal requirements.

Manufacturers or importers of biocidal products will need to check the status of the active substance in the product on the GB List of Active Substances, which will determine what is required to comply with the law. If the product contains more than one active substance, the status of each substance will need to be determined. If exporting, you must comply with all legislation applicable in that country.


Treated Articles

As well as controlling biocidal products, the GB BPR also includes rules for articles which have been treated with or incorporate a biocidal product (such as wood that has been treated with a preservative to protect from decay).

If you are placing a treated article on the GB market for the first time, you are responsible for ensuring that the active substances it was treated with are approved for the relevant product type and use or are included in the GB Simplified Active Substance List. You are also responsible for labelling it according to the requirements of GB BPR.

Labels for treated articles must be clearly visible, legible, durable and in English and provide:

  • any relevant instructions for use, including any precautions to be taken, if this is necessary to protect humans, animals, or the environment.

Additional labelling is required when:

  • you make a claim that the treated article has biocidal properties such as 'preserved / gives protection against'.
  • the conditions of the approval of the active substance(s) used to treat the article require specific labelling provisions to protect public health or the environment.

Anyone in the supply chain of a treated article must provide, when requested by a consumer, information on the biocidal treatment of the treated article. This information must be provided within 45 days and free of charge.



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