Immediate risk management suggested for 300 harmful chemicals |ECHA | June 2022

Assessing chemicals in groups has sped up authorities’ work, with assessments for 1 900 substances finalised in 2021. For around 300 of these, risk management actions could begin immediately.

Helsinki, 17 June 2022 – ECHA’s fourth report under its Integrated Regulatory Strategy has been released, showing that considerable progress has been made on accelerating the pace at which regulatory actions are identified for substances of concern.

In 2021, assessments were finalised for more than 1 900 substances, mostly grouped based on their structural similarity. This was 30 % more than in 2020. Around 300 of these substances require risk management measures, while 800 do not currently require further action. The remaining 800 need more data to be generated, and around 350 of these are expected to move to risk management in the future.

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