Which pieces of EU legislation apply to your substances? | ECHA | May 2019

Making legislative information easier to find

If you manufacture, use, distribute or sell chemicals in the EU, you have to comply with relevant EU law – which may comprise several pieces of legislation. EUCLEF will help companies – especially SMEs – identify which ones apply to their substances by collecting information from different pieces of legislation and regulatory processes in one place.

ECHA’s website currently contains information on chemical substances managed by the Agency under the REACHCLPBPR and PIC regulations, and the Chemical Agents (CAD) and Carcinogens and Mutagens (CMD) directives. Through EUCLEF, companies will have access to a much wider range of legislative information on areas such as:

  • cosmetic products;
  • pesticides;
  • waste;
  • toy safety; and
  • food safety and food contact materials.

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