Supply Chain Update - Coronavirus (Update) | SIG Trading Ltd | February 2020

As you are aware the Coronavirus outbreak has a world-wide effect on supply chain, whether it is on raw materials, semi-finished or processed materials, and finished ready to use products. Following the government quarantine, and extension of the Chinese national holiday, devised to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, many suppliers have now returned to work outside of the Wuhan area which is still restricted.

The spread of Covid-19 does however present an additional global challenge, and we will continue to review material supply chain against this developing situation. The order review process may necessitate us offering equivalent products to those usually sourced from China drawn from our wider global and domestic supply chain. Where an alternative is offered this will be brought to your attention before any order is accepted for processing.

The point of contact for all enquiries is the SIG Assured Product Compliance Team ([email protected])

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