Notify ECHA of your uses covered by a REACH authorisation| European Chemicals Agency | Wed 16th September 2015


If you use a substance for which an actor up your supply chain has an authorisation, you have to notify your use of that substance to ECHA. There is now a webform available for this.

Helsinki, 16 September 2015 - If you are a downstream user of a substance of very high concern on the Authorisation List (REACH Annex XIV) under an authorisation held by an actor up your supply chain, you have to notify your use to ECHA under Article 66 of REACH.

The obligation to notify applies after the authorisation decision has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. You have to notify within three months after the first time the substance was delivered to you.
In your notification, you need to submit information about your company, your contact information and the number of the authorisation under which you use the substance. You may also submit information about the typical annual volume and the number of staff concerned by the authorised use in your company.

You need to comply with the conditions of the authorisation when you use the authorised substance. Your supplier has described the conditions of use in the safety data sheet. The authorisation number is also included in the safety data sheet and is visible on the label of the substance or mixture. If you have any doubts or any questions as to the conditions of use, please contact your supplier or the authorisation holder.

List of substances subject to Authorisation can be found here:

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