EU publishes further restriction on Mercury and its compounds | May 2017

Annex II of the regulation includes a table of mercury added products and the applicable date from which the import, export and manufacturing must cease e.g.


Batteries and accumulators containing more than 0.0005% by weight                      31st December 2020


Compact fluorescent lamps CFL.i <30 watts more than 2.5mg per lamp                   31st December 2018

Compact fluorescent lamps <30 watts more than 3.5mg per lamp                 31st December 2018


Linear fluorescent lamps Triband phosphor <60 watts more than 5mg per lamp        31st December 2018

Linear fluorescent lamps Halophosphate <40 watss more than 10mg per lamp         31st December 2018


High pressure mercury vapour lamps (HPMV’s)                                                          31st December 2018


Full legal text

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