EU countries compliance with EU law not yet good enough | EC | July 2017

The online Single Market Scoreboard gives an accurate picture of the state of implementation of the EU Single Market rules. It evaluates how the EU countries apply these rules and identifies the shortcomings where they should step up their efforts.

Depending on their performance in a series of governance tools and policy areas in 2016, Member States were given green (above average), yellow (average) and red (below average) cards.

 In addition to assessing EU countries' compliance with Single Market law, the Scoreboard evaluates how they help citizens and businesses via various EU tools for general information, concrete problem solving and job search (the Your Europe portal, Your Europe Advice, SOLVIT and EURES).

The Scoreboard also monitors EU countries' openness to trade and investment and their wider efforts in opening up sectors such as public procurement, professional qualifications or postal services.

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