Control of Electro Magnetic Fields at Work Regulations | July 2016

1st July 2016 the Control of Electro Magnetic Fields at Work Regulations (2016) come in to force

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) arise whenever electrical energy is used including domestic appliances, work processes and TV/Telecoms broadcasting equipment. Exposure to high levels of EMFs can give rise to acute effects. At low frequencies the effects will be on the central nervous system of the body whilst at high frequencies, heating effects can occur leading to a rise in body temperature. In reality, these effects are extremely rare and will not occur in most day-to-day work situations. Sources that may exceed the exposure limit values include:


Infrastructure: Broadcast and telecoms base stations (systems & devices), RF & microwave lighting equipment


Electrical supply: circuit or installation, dielectric heating and welding, manual spot and seam welding, Induction heating or soldering, Magnetic particle inspection (crack detection), Industrial (de)magnetiser, Microwave heating and drying, RF plasma devices


Heavy industry: Industrial electrolysis, Furnaces


Construction: Microwave drying


Transport: Electrically-powered trains and trams, Radar


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