CEN Workshop Agreement - CWA 17316:2018 - Smart CE marking for construction products is now published | CEN | July 2018

Construction product manufacturers must comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR - 305/2011) and deliver a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to the market according to harmonized standards (hENs).

In several cases, this will represent very detailed information being made available and exploited to its full potential. The goal is to promote CE marking for construction products through the optional use of an electronic declaration of performance. 

CWA 17316:2018 on Smart CE marking provides a link between the product and its DoP in a digital, machine and human readable format (XML). It allows designers, contractors, end-users and public authorities to easily access and assess, in combination with appropriate digital tools, DoP information in a user-friendly, target-oriented manner. More so, Smart CE marking helps designers and processors complying with their documentation duties and reduces the administrative burden.

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